Simon Everett

Full Stack, open source developer, providing e-commerce and e-learning development service

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From an early stage in my life, I was captivated by the wonders of technology that shape our modern world. My journey began when I inherited a BBC micro from a family member, sparking my interest in delving deeper into its workings. This led me to enroll in a college course to learn C++ at the age of 12.

After completing school, I found myself immersed in the world of technology while working at a local computer shop, where I honed my skills in repairing laptops and computers. It was here that I discovered the gratification of using my knowledge to assist and support others.

My career trajectory then led me to provide support for Local Government and SMEs before I made the decision to return to academia as a mature student with a young family. I successfully completed a degree in Computer Sciences at the University of Derby.

Coincidentally, following my graduation, I seized the opportunity to join the university staff as a Learning Developer. In this role, I passionately supported the Online Learning team by creating bespoke online learning resources. These ranged from basic HTML5 to immersive virtual reality experiences, including virtual operating theatres and student-led virtual museum exhibitions.

Driven by my passion for technology, software development has become my means of transforming theoretical concepts into tangible real-world solutions. Today, I offer a diverse range of services, from developing and hosting Virtual Learning Environments to crafting customized applications for educational purposes. My journey is fueled by a steadfast commitment to leveraging technology to enhance learning and drive innovation.

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