Simon Everett

Full Stack, open source developer, providing e-commerce and e-learning development service

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I've always been fascinated by the technology that enables our modern life, even from a very early age. This wasn't helped by inheriting a BBC micro from a family member, which led to attending a college course to learn c++ at the young age of 12.

After school I found myself working at a local computer shop repairing laptops and computers, this is where I first discovered that I could leverage my understanding of technology to help and support others.

I progressed onto supporting Local Government and SME's before I made the decision to return to Education as a mature student with a young family. I completed a Computer Sciences degree at the University Of Derby.

Coincidentally after completing my degree at the University, I join the university staff as a Learning Developer. Here I supported the Online Learning team, building bespoke online learning resources.

This has ranged from simple HTML5 to creating virtual operating theatres in VR. I created VR Roads to support the planning of new roads and developed a virtual museum directed by students. Software development allows me to explore and apply technology to meet real-world goals.

I now offer a range of services, from Virtual Learning Environment development and hosting, to bespoke application development for Education.

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